2012 Tim Hortons Grand Tour

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Riders may register anytime during the tour & begin their Grand Tour.

March 20 2012 thru September 22, 2012

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Canadian troops in a sikorsky helicopter stopped in for a coffee.
The helicopter was actualy taking off from behind Timmys.

Tim Hortons has been serving coffee and donuts since their first store opened in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1964. With 3671+ locations in Canada, the US and overseas, their distinctive brew coffee is not far away for many persons.

The Tim Hortons 2012 Grand Tour is quite simple; visit as many Tim Hortons locations worldwide between the Vernal & Autumnal Equinoxes. Riders will be required to take a picture of their cycle, & their supplied Tim Hortons Grand Tour flag, for each location visited (interior locations at airports, hospitals, universities, etc. are exempt from the motorcyclel requirement). The cost to enter the Tim Hortons Grand Tour is $40USD, which includes your rally flag.

Riders will be recognized for many achievements, including:

There will also be IBA sanctioned Timmy's rides, including the Great Lakes and Trans-Canada, for registered participants!

The 'Glazed Knights' have stepped forward and offered the following contest during the Tim Hortons Grand Tour: The Glazed Knights will donate a $50.00 Tim's card to the rider who has the highest number of police cars photographed in Tim Horton's parking lots. There will also be cards for 2nd and 3rd place. Normal rules apply, flag & bike in the picture, and each Tim can only count once for the police shot. This photograph must be done at the same time as the rally shot. For interior locations, a uniformed officer holding your rally flag will also count for this contest.

Once again , The Rally has teamed up with 'Hoagy' Carmichael to support Hoagy's Heroes and his long distance charity rides philanthropy. All net proceeds will go to support Hoagy's Heroes philanthropy.

For additional information, feel free to e-mail the rallymaster.


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