Rally Rules


1. Riders must have a valid driver's licence. A motorcycle endorsement is required, if the rider's home state/province requires one.
2. Riders must have valid insurance, during the entire duration of the rally, with a minimum liability of USD $100,000/300,000 (per person/accident), or equivalent for non-US riders.
3. Riders are required to wear a DOT or Snell certified helmet at all times while in actual physical control of their motorcycle.
4. Cycle ridden must meet all applicable state/federal regulations. Riders will self-inspect their own cycles to ensure that they are safe to be ridden.
5. You must finish the rally on the same cycle that you began the rally on. The cycle must complete the entire rally under its own power. If you break down during the rally, you continue the rally from the same location that you broke down.
6. All cycles must have a function odometer at the start of the rally. If your odometer fails during the rally, you must contact the RM immediately to report the failure, along with your odometer reading and location. In this scenario, the rider may continue if they have a GPS recording mileage. Use of the GPS rather than the odometer will result in penalty points.
7. Permanently installed fuel cells, up to 11.5 US gallons, are permitted. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure that the fuel cell is installed in a safe and prudent manner. For technical questions refer to the adopted Iron Butt Association (IBR) fuel cell regulations, revised 2009.
8. Portable fuel containers are strictly prohibited. The only exception is a fuel approved MSR bottle. Riders are responsible for the safe carry & operation of an MSR bottle if the rider chooses to carry one.

Rider expectations/conduct:
1. The Rally is essentially a large scavenger hunt. As such, this is not a race nor a timed event. Riders are expected to obey all local/state/federal laws/regulations/statutes during the rally. Excessive speeds, or disregard for rules of the road will result in disqualification from The Rally.
2. Riders will stop and render aid to any other riders in the event of an emgergency, such as a deer strike, vehicular accident, etc. Failure to stop and render aid will result in immediate disqualification. Stopping to help a rider who has run out of fuel generally isn't consided an emergency. However, it is considered good sportsmanship. If you stop to assist another rider, notify the RM. There are provisions to possibly extend time to a rider in this situation.
3. Cheating in any way/shape/form will result in immediate disqualification, whether intention or by accident. The incident will also be conveyed to all other RMs within the long-distance community. Riders are expected to fully understand all rules/regulations before beginning The Rally. If a rider doesn't understand a certain rule, they are to ask for clarification by the RM, or designee.
4. Some locations riders visit require special consideration and respect. These locations may include cemetaries, National memorials, etc. Riders are expected to treat these locations with respect and consiration for other visitors the rider may encounter.



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